Old Haberdashers Cricket Club

Old Haberdashers Cricket Club History

Welcome to the Old Haberdashers Cricket Club website.

Founded in 1947, the Club was set up to provide competitive cricketing opportunities for former pupils of Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School. The School was in Hampstead until 1961 when it moved to its present site in Elstree. The OHCC ground is a couple of miles away at Croxdale Road, Borehamwood.

After the 1st Team's relegation in 2012, Kay Manzoor ('00) took over, and has slowly stabilised the club - the 1st XI won promotion to division 6A at the end of 2015. In 2016, he led the 1's to an unprecedented season in which the 1's won every match they played as they were run away champions of 6A.
2016 also saw the re-introduction of the 2nd XI into the league, after they pulled out during that ill-fated 2012 season - At the helm of the 2’s is Shajeen Shailendra ('11), who also led his side to winning Regional Division C East. In 2017, therefore, the 1st XI will play in division 5A, and the 2nd XI in Regional Division B East. 
2017 again saw both teams win their divisions. 

In addition, we have a side in the Chess Valley Sunday League, and an annual match against the School on its beautiful ground in Elstree. There is also our yearly one week tour to Devon in August where we are lucky to play at various county and other well known grounds.

Tanner Trophy

A highlight of the season is the annual match against the School which generally takes place on the last Sunday in June. Each team puts out two sides and contest the Nobbly Tanner trophy. This trophy, in memory of one of the famous stalwarts of OHCC cricket, is presented to the team winning the most matches - and since each is a limited overs match there is certain to be a result. Current holders of the trophy are the School.

Devon Tour

The other highlight each year is the annual Devon Tour. This takes place towards the end of August and lasts from Monday to Friday - with many players rushing down on Monday morning and then rushing back on Friday night in readiness for the league game on Saturday. Matches are played every day - subject to the vagaries of Devon weather.

Old Boys playing with other Clubs often join this tour for a few days. Accommodation is very good value and the evening's eating, as well as drinking, is often taken very seriously - there are some excellent pub restaurants in the area.

Our opponents during the week can include:  Kilmington, Exeter, Sidmouth, Chagford and Heathcoat.

Herts League cricket

Each Division of the League consists of 10 teams, which means 18 matches - playing each side twice, home & away - through the summer, from May to September. All matches are played on a Saturday with a 1.00pm start (12.30 at the end of the season).
The 2015 season sees the introduction of a new "limited overs" format in all divisions, in addition to the traditional 100-over win/lose/draw type of game. In all Saturday league cricket, matches shall last no longer than 100 overs, whichever format is being played - all teams will play 9 matches of both formats.
The team finishing top in their league shall be promoted TWO divisions, and the side finishing second shall be promoted ONE division. The same applies at the bottom end as well, with respect to relegation.

Chess Valley League

2014 was our first season playing in the Sunday league. It's gives an opportunity to those not playing regularly on Saturday a chance to play some competitive cricket for Old Haberdashers' in view to re-establishing a Herts League 2nd XI. We are in division 6, and play win/lose, 45 overs a side.

Club Rules

1. Name

The Club shall be known as the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club

2. Membership

i. Playing membership is open to old boys of Haberdashers’ Aske’s School, masters of the School and invited friends and guests approved by the Committee.

ii. Past Presidents of the Club and the current vice-presidents shall be members of the Club.

iii. Honorary membership is open to any former playing member of the Club.

iv. Associate membership is open to any friends or relations of members of the Club and to any other supporters of the Club.

v. Current pupils at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School shall also be eligible to play for the Club at the discretion of the Committee.

3. Old Haberdashers’ Association

Playing and honorary members of the Club who are Old Boys of the School (unless they are members under the O.H.A. life membership scheme) shall pay a subscription to the Old Haberdashers’ Association and observe all the rules of the Old Haberdashers’ Association.

4. Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting shall be held every year before 31st March and must be called with 14 days notice. Nine members are to be present to form a quorum.

The purpose of the meeting is to:-

a) Receive reports from the Club Captain, 2nd XI Captain and Honorary Secretary.

b) To receive the Honorary Treasurer’s financial report.

c) To agree subscriptions for the ensuing season (these shall then form part of the Rules).

    Match fees for the season are also to be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.

d) To elect or re-elect the following officers of the Club:-

    i. The President

    ii. The Club Captain

    iii. The 1st XI Vice-captain who shall be nominated by the Club Captain

    iv. The Captain of the 2nd XI

    v. The Vice-captain of the 2nd XI who shall be nominated by the Captain of the 2nd XI

    vi. Captains of any other sides that represent the Old Haberdashers Cricket Club

    vii. Honorary  Secretary

    viii. Honorary Fixture Secretary

    ix. Honorary Team Secretary

    x. League Representative

    xi. A Welfare Officer

 Nominations for any of these posts must be lodged with the Secretary duly proposed and seconded no less than seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

e) A Committee of the above officers who shall be ex-officio and three further playing members.

f) To elect any new vice-presidents of the Club.

g) To elect or re-elect up to three past presidents or vice presidents of the Club to serve on the Committee.

h) To discuss any other business.

All members of the Club shall be entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meetings except that only those who have left the School and have played a minimum of eight matches during the previous two seasons for the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club or are past presidents or current vice-presidents shall be entitled to vote for the Captain of the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club.

Any member Club is entitled to vote for an officer of the Club even if he is not present at the Annual General Meeting. This shall be done by email and the Hon. Secretary must receive this vote no less than twenty four hours before the Annual General Meeting.

 5. The Committee

The management of the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club shall be vested in the Committee whose meetings must be called with a minimum of seven days notice. Five members are to form a quorum.

The committee has the power to:-

i. Form any necessary sub-committee

ii. Co-opt any member to sit on the Committee or sub-committee. The President and Honorary Secretary are ex-officio members of any such sub-committee.

iii. Expel any member who, in their opinion, is not a fit person to remain a member of the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club.

iv. Deliberate and decide upon any case not specifically provided for within these Rules.


6. Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the Club may be called with 14 days notice for any purpose upon a requisition, in writing, from a minimum of ten members. Notice of intention to call such a meeting, shall be given to the Honorary Secretary not later than 21 days before the proposed date of the meeting. Twelve members are required to form a quorum at a Special General Meeting.


7. Subscriptions

Club subscriptions are to be paid before the 1st of July of the current season and if they are not paid by that date the Committee can impose a subscription surcharge as voted at the Annual General Meeting under rule 4c. If the subscription remains unpaid for any further length of time the Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member in default.

8. Change of Club Rules

No rule shall be made, altered or rescinded except at the Annual general meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club. Details of any proposed new rule or alteration shall be given to the Honorary Secretary in writing, not later than 21 days before the proposed date of themeeting, circularised to the membership and displayed at the Club House. No alteration is to be made unless carried

by the majority of two thirds of those present.

9. Financial Year

The financial year end for the Old Haberdashers’ Cricket Club shall be 31st December of each year.

10. Life Members

The Annual General Meeting may appoint an honorary life member where deemed appropriate.

11. Distribution of the Club Rules

A copy of these Club Rules shall be given to each member and shall be displayed on the Club’s web site.